Bip Media

Video Games Studio

Activité de l'entreprise

My Farm, Viking Invasion, Judge Dee, Tiny Token Empires,… Since 2004, BiP media has varied genres and platforms: from the Nintendo DS to the Switch, via PC, PS3, Xbox and others. In most cases self-published on digital stores, BiP media games have always distinguished themselves by their originality and their high-color universe!
And since its creation, BiP Media has dedicated a part of its business to serious games, advergames and e-learning. Currently, this activity is mainly dedicated to the production of Job Quest, a job research simulator, created in partnership with Randstad France as part of the European research project RAGE.

  • Compétences
    • Développement informatique
      • Edition de logiciels
    • Communication, Multimédia et Art Graphique
      • Applications mobiles
      • Advergames, Jeux vidéos, serious game, Médias digitaux (dispositifs tactiles et interactifs, affichage dynamique), Création graphique, Illustration, 3D et images de synthèse
    • Conseil et Formation
      • Conseil
  • Technologies employées :
    • Unity
  • Zone d'intervention :
    • International (export)